10 Home Based Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms in the Philippines

Most of us moms worry about leaving our kids when we go back to work. Fortunately for us, technological advancements and new workforce thinking have allowed us to earn a living while taking care of our children at home.

Today, more and more moms are considering getting a home based job because of the flexibility and convenience it offers. To get started with a home based job, all you will need are a stable internet connection, a laptop or a desktop computer, headphones and a quiet corner in your home. I have compiled a list of 10 home based job options for stay-at-home moms, some of them I have tried myself.


  1. Freelance Writer / Article Writer

This is an obvious home based job choice for me since I am a journalist by profession. Clients are usually small companies who need someone to write blogs for their websites, marketing agencies who provide SEO (search engine optimization) services, advertising agencies who want you to write ad materials, and academic institutions looking for someone to write journals.

For starters, you can create an account with Essays.ph, a reputed community of freelance writers in the Philippines. Here you can choose from a wide variety of topics to write about. There’s also Writerbay.com, which offers a bigger selection of topics. You can simply register from their website, pass a series of grammar and formatting style tests, and upload a sample essay. Craigslist Manila is also a good source of writing projects.

Average salary: The usual starting rate for a 500-word article is $5 (P250 more or less) and could go up to $7 to $10 (P350 to P500) for 600 words and above. While this doesn’t sound much, freelance writers typically accept 3 to 5 writing assignments per day on a part-time basis, and 8 to 10 articles if full time. So I could get as high as P10,000 to P25,000 per month depending on how much writing assignments I could take on.


  1. Virtual Assistant

 Virtual Assistants or VA’s provide administrative support to small businesses. Primary tasks include customer service, email management, client database management, appointment setting, scheduling and research.

There are different online communities that can provide you with projects, the three that I have tried are OutsourcingAngel.com, RemoteStaff.com.ph and VASupportPro.com.

Average salary: Virtual assistants typically get paid on an hourly basis. Rates usually start at $4 (P200) to $7 (P350) per hour, depending on the client. You can also charge a fixed monthly rate.


  1. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists transcribe audio files into written text. Companies in the medical and legal industries are usually the ones who hire transcriptionists. You can explore these types of jobs in websites like Freelancer.ph and CiviMom. There is also Acusis Philippines, which is one of the leading providers of home-based medical transcription jobs in the country.

Average salary: Transcriptionists typically earn P20 per minute of audio recording.


  1. Online English Teacher

 If you are a great communicator and have a good grasp of the English language, you can apply as an online English teacher. An education degree or a background in tutoring is an advantage although not necessary. Most online English teachers cater to Japanese students. You can find online teaching jobs in RareJob, 51Talk and BizMates.

Average salary: Full-time teaching rates start at P15,000 to P18,000 per month.


  1. Graphic Artist

If you have a design background and is highly knowledgeable in tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, then this may be the job for you. Small companies who need support in terms of creating visuals for advertising materials, websites, logos and marketing collaterals are always on the look out for graphic artists who can work at home. As a freelance marketer, I have worked with several graphic artists who provide a wide range of services, from cartoons and blog graphics to inforgraphics and web design. You can browse for job opportunities in Freelancer.ph. There are also websites that allow you to post your works online and connect with employers overseas, such as People Per Hour, Design Crowd PH and 99 Designs.

Average salary: Freelance graphic artists are typically hired on a pre-project basis, meaning they charge per artwork. Sometimes they charge for a fixed monthly rate. You can charge $20 (P1,000) to $45 (P2,250) for a flyer, depending on number of pages, size and format. Graphic artists can earn from P15,00 to P18,000 per month depending on the project.


  1. Social Media Community Manager

Do you use Facebook and Instagram a lot? If so, then this may be the right job for you. Small businesses want their brands to be seen across social media platforms. As the community manager, your job is to promote their products and services in social media by posting on a regular basis, engaging with their customers and managing their social media groups (if there’s any). You can explore job opportunities in websites like 199 Jobs, Raket.ph and Virtual Coworker.

Average salary: Community managers can charge a per hour rate of $4 to $6 (P200 to P300) or a monthly retainer fee of P8,000 to P10,000 per account.


  1. Web Developer

 This is one of the most lucrative home based jobs in the country. If you are knowledgeable in different programming languages and have a strong background in IT, then you may explore this opportunity. Clients typically range from companies who want to create their websites and store owners who operate an e-Commerce site to mobile app companies. You can explore job opportunities for home-based web developers in websites like Online Jobs PH and Remote Staff.

Average salary: Most of the home-based web developers I’ve worked with are earning P15,000 to as much as P40,000 depending on the project requirements.


  1. Customer Service Representative

Many companies are looking to cut costs, so they are now offering home-based CSR jobs. Inbound and outbound calls may be required for some, but there are also non-voice accounts where you only have to do email or chat support. You can browse Upwork for home-based customer service representative jobs.

Average salary: Monthly starting rate for full-time CSR agents is P12,000 and could go up to P25,000.


  1. Web Researcher / Leads Generation

 Most web researchers or leads generation specialists are tasked to gather information about sales prospects or create a database of email addresses of different companies. Upwork and Freelancer are well-known sources of these types of home based jobs.

Average salary: According to Freelancing.ph, rates for a 1000-long listing starts from $40 to as high as $100 (P2000 to P5000).


  1. Project Coordinator

 Companies hire project coordinators to help them manage the development of new projects, organize certain activities for the company, schedule interviews, appointments or events, and manage their team of freelancers. Home-based project coordinators are now using online tools in managing their tasks, like Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Asana, Basecamp and Slack among others. You can search for these types of jobs in CareerJet and also Upwork.

Average salary: Most project coordinators are paid with a fixed monthly rate based on the duration of the project. Rate starts at P8000 to P12000. Others also charge an hourly rate of $4 to $6 per hour.

These are just 10 of the most common home based jobs for SAHMs, but there are still a lot out there you can explore. If you’re thinking of making a career out of freelancing and working-from-home, this is a good place to start. I hope I was able to help you. Good luck, mommies!


  1. floramy adolfo compra

    July 15, 2017 at 7:52 am

    hi sir madam..
    i interested to working here.
    so iwant to asking if what i need to aply here in home working…thnx

    1. Jamie Ayque

      Jamie Ayque

      July 24, 2017 at 6:13 am

      Hello, this is Jamie, owner of this blog. What type of home-based job would you be interested in? Are you interested in being a Virtual Assistant? How about as freelance writer?

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