10 Low Capital Home-Based Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms in the Philippines

It’s our foremost duty as moms to make sure that our family is well. But don’t forget that you also have a duty to nurture yourself as an individual. I do believe that you can totally be a good mom and still follow your dreams if you want to.

And I do believe that, given the right avenues and tools, we moms can be successful at anything. Yeah! So let’s talk about raising babies and businesses at the same time.

As most of you already know, I am a proud work-at-home mom. I also have a content marketing consultancy business, an organic dog treats business, and a new venture with my husband (still in the works). On top of that, I am a devoted stay-at-home mom.

This means YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!

So to get you pumped up, I’m rounding up some small-capital business ideas you can start at home.


  1. Clothing Business

A lot of stay-at-home moms engage in clothing businesses. Some sell baby clothes, others sell women’s wear. I have mommy friends who also sell nursing clothes for mommies who breastfeed. Twinning outfits for mommies and babies are also on-trend. I think it’s best if you can find a niche since there’s just so many clothing businesses out there. For suppliers, check out the markets for low-priced RTWs. Or better yet, buy the materials and have a seamstress sew them for you! There’s this whole street in Taytay I’ve visited before filled with small-time dressmakers who either sell ready-made garments or accept sewing jobs.


  1. Cakes and Cookies

If you are a great cook, then this is your turf! But even if you’re not a good cook (like me) this can easily be your thing, too! Because recipe books! Plus, there are so many easy-to-do recipes on the Internet (hello, Tasty!) and you can just search for anything. Try the basics first, like choco-chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, leche flans and banana muffins. Then tap your neighborhood and offer them your goodies.


  1. DIY Arts and Crafts

So many moms are into the arts and crafts business. Not only is it fun to do, it’s also proven to be a lucrative business! I met a mom who sells DIY headbands for little girls and she has a really good following on social media. I’ve tried this myself, with my small venture called Color Me Lace. I create sketches of wedding dresses as keepsakes for the once-a-brides (now mostly moms) using watercolor pencil. I’ve also tried handmade jewelry and, wow, there’s really a demand. If you’re thinking about launching this type of business, my suggestion is to start now to get the hype by Christmas season.


  1. Blogging

 If you have a flair for writing, then blogging is probably the business for you. The best thing about this business is it requires little to no capital. You can take advantage of free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogspot, and then you can start customizing your blog with free templates and widgets. If you want your own domain (a .com website of your own), you can buy a domain name for a minimum annual fee of P500 per year. How exactly can I turn blogging into a business? You can monetize your blog through advertisements, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content to name a few.


  1. Financial Advisor

There’s a great demand for investment vehicles especially now that the Millennial generation is starting to save up rather than spend. So this may be a great time to be an insurance agent, a.k.a. financial advisor. Being a financial advisor is as good as having a business of your own because you work on your own terms. I used to be an advisor for Sun Life Financial Philippines and I can say that it’s a lucrative business. Plus, they hold trainings and workshops every now and then so you can stay on top of your game. If this is something you’d like to explore, contact me and I’ll connect you with a financial advisor to start your training.


  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant jobs are becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it provide flexibility to moms but it’s also a business that requires low capital and rather easy to set up. Pretty much all you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection. As a VA, most of my clients are foreign companies who would want to offload nonessential tasks, like management of social media pages, email marketing, calendar management, appointment setting, and many others, so they could focus on more important matters. VA work has evolved from virtual secretary to jobs that require skill like graphic design, website management, accounting, telemarketing, sales, and in my case, content development. VAs get paid either on a fixed rate or on a per hour basis. If you want to explore this opportunity, contact me and I will introduce you to a community of awesome VAs.


  1. Consultancy

 If you are a professional, say a CPA, engineer, web developer or a sales manager, you may start a freelance consultancy business and offer your skills to different local and foreign companies. Most companies are trying to eliminate the costs of hiring regular, full-time employees, so they are now tapping consultants. As a consultant, you will only be required to visit your clients once or twice a week, and get paid either on a fixed rate or on a per hour basis. Plus, did I mention that earning potential is also huge?

As a content and social media marketing consultant, my work hours are flexible so I get to acquire more clients. The key is effective time management. How much capital do you need? Nothing. I started building my profile on Linkedin and work just kept coming in. You can also apply in different online job platforms like Upwork, Freelancer and Outsourcely to look for clients, and they are all free of charge.


  1. Party Coordinator

 Do you love parties? If so, an events-planning business might be the right fit for you. I know a lot of mommies who are doing wedding coordination, and they say this type of business allows them to have more time with their families since most gigs are seasonal. Organizing kiddie parties may be more challenging as they are not seasonal, but the volume of work is easily manageable. After all, most birthday parties are scheduled during weekends.

I tried organizing my daughter’s first birthday party last April, and I’d be totally honest with you: it’s not as easy as it looks! To be an events organizer means you have to be, well, organized AF. Not to mention that there are so many factors that can make or break your event. So you have to be extremely patient, especially with your suppliers, and to have as much presence of mind as you can muster.


  1. Instructor

 If there’s something you really love doing, and you have the skill, then you can start an instructor business. You don’t need to have an education degree. I love singing and playing the guitar, so I have been approached many times by some friends and was asked to teach their kids to play the guitar. While none of them ever materialized (because I don’t have the patience to engage in this kind of stuff), it just goes to show that there is some real demand for this. You can become an academic tutor, a fitness instructor, an English tutor, a sing and dance teacher, and much more.


  1. Selling Pre-Loved Items

 This is probably the easiest business you can engage in because there’s just no shortage of free online selling platforms. There’s Facebook Shop, Instagram and Shopee, and you can even build your own e-commerce website for free. Everything you need is out there, and all you have to do is to pick the perfect product to sell. Selling pre-loved items seems to be a great idea; I can see moms who are making good money out of selling their kids’ old clothes, shoes, toys, and books. You can start by rummaging in your kids’—or your own—closet, pull out stuff you don’t need, and post them on Facebook. How much capital? Nada.

Or you can scour all the thrift shops in your neighborhood and buy items for as little as P50, then sell with a little markup. If you have enough money to start with, I suggest going on a trip to Baguio and shop for pre-loved items from the night market. Believe it or not, I got a beautiful Esprit sweater for just P20! Like, P20, what the hell?! And my husband got G2000 long sleeve shirts for P50. Not bad, eh?


These are just a few low-investment home-based businesses you can try. But as you know, there are so many options out there. You just have to be creative and resourceful. It may sound like a great deal of work since you are also taking care of kids and managing the household. But remember mommies, time management is the key! Once you get this time management thing working, I’m absolutely sure you’ll slay!

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