For me, breastfeeding had been both challenging and comforting. I love that it makes me feel naturally connected with my child. But while it is probably the most natural thing in the world, it could be challenging for some moms and you would need all the extra help you could get.


Even as a work-at-home mom, breastfeeding had been quite a daunting task for me. Fortunately, we live in a time and age when there is no shortage of products that will make breastfeeding (while working) a breeze.


However, while you’d like to get your hands on all these amazing nursing accessories, it is important to distinguish the must-haves from the nice-to-haves. Here are some of the products that I found to be extremely helpful when breastfeeding while working at home.


  1. Good quality electric breast pump

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My electric breast pump sits next to me at my home office. I usually just plug it and start pumping while working. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive e-pump in the market. I’ve been using Horigen’s Single Electric Breast Pump, which I got online from for only P3,499. It’s probably one of the cheapest out there but it works quite well for me. The key is to find a breast pump with the right flange that will fit your breast size.


  1. Button-down shirts

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If you want to be able to breastfeed with ease even when you’re on a Skype meeting, wear button-down shirts. They’re absolutely a staple in every nursing mom’s closet because they’re comfortable, stylish and you can wear them on any occasion. Uniqlo stocks a wide range of button-down shirts and I especially love they’re linen long-sleeved ones.


Nursing tops and dresses are great, too. offers ultra-chic and functional nursing tops and maternity clothes.


  1. Nursing bra

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A nursing mom’s wardrobe will not be complete without a few pieces of nursing underwear. A nursing bra is all you need if you don’t want to fumble with your bra straps and underwire when you need to breastfeed. I got mine from Kaypee Baby online shop and Luke Us. They offer stylish lace nursing bras for as low as P149.


  1. Nursing scarf


My daughter hates nursing covers, she would protest angrily every time I drape a nursing cover above her. So I went on to use my old sheer scarves instead. H&M has scarves or wraps that are both stylish and breathable. Other nursing moms go for nursing covers made of breathable muslin cloth.


  1. Nursing pillow

On some days, I would simply nurse my daughter on one arm while typing with the other. If you are a work-at-home mom, I recommend that you master this one important skill. But when you’re working under a deadline and need to have both hands on the computer, then a nursing pillow would be extremely helpful. I found the Boppy Pillow too pricey so I just propped my daughter on a U-shaped baby pillow on top of an ordinary pillow and it worked just fine.


  1. Lactation supplement


When you’re breastfeeding and working at the same time, you will need all the nutrition you could get. Apart from eating healthy and natural foods, I take Natalac food supplement, which is made of natural moringa (malunggay) leaves, twice a day during breakfast and dinner. The capsules are available in drugstores for about P10 per tablet.


  1. Breastmilk storage bags


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You can very well store breastmilk in your baby’s feeding bottles. But storage bags won’t take up too much space in your freezer or refrigerator, and breastmilk stored in storage bags typically last longer, about 6 to 12 months when stored in a freezer. Plus, when I’m busy working, I just pluck out one pre-sterilized bag from the box and fit it in the pump instead of rummaging for a bottle.


I use HoneySuckle breastmilk bags in 6 oz sizes. I also use them when storing baby food and utensils when traveling.


Are you a work-at-home mom like me? Share your breastfeeding essentials in the comments below.

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