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McDonald’s does it again with another tearjerking video commercial. Watching this with my husband and I was fighting back tears. I was like, “Oo nga noh, bakit nga ba laging naghihintay ang mga tatay?” (“True. Why do all dads seem to be waiting all the time?”)

I got flashbacks from when our dad used to wait for us to get done with our shopping, to finish getting ready so he could drive us to school, and to wrap up our Ragnarok games in the computer shop so he could take us home. I remember how he used to wait for me after class during my first year in college and how he would wait for me after my 1am shift at work to drive me home. And then I remember seeing him waiting on the aisle with my mom on my wedding day, trying to keep his tear-strewn face straight.

We always see our dads as this authoritative figure in the house. He’d be the boss, the one who does the disciplining, the one whose booming voice bounces off the walls of the home. We rarely get a glimpse of his emotional side, and when we do, he’s quick to shift gears.

I don’t know but I think this whole “waiting” thing is unique in all dads. It’s fathers’ way (if not the only way) of showing how they love us, mothers and children, alike. I know moms can be equally patient, what with all the taking care of the kids, the household management, etc. But the waiting without losing your sh*t and being composed like everything is nothing but normal—I think that’s what they’re good at. At least that’s what I’ve noticed with my dad and my husband.

While writing this blog, I’m asking my husband why does it seem like waiting is second nature to them? Why are you so patient with me and our child?

He said he always feels the need to balance out with my freaking out all the time. He needs to be the sensible person when I can’t make sense of everything. As a father, he feels responsible for keeping everything in order. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it takes a great deal of strength to be a father. Maybe being a dad is not easy. Heck, waiting on everybody is not easy!

The video ended with a father waiting near the maternity ward.  I asked him, what was it like waiting for me and our baby? I delivered via emergency CS because our baby’s arms and legs got caught in the umbilical cord. The tension was high in the hospital room, my husband told me. He said, “Grabe kaya yung nerbyos ko!” (“I was so nervous!”)

“Buti nalang nandun si Papa mo. Tanong ko, OK lang kaya sila? Sabi nya, OK lang yan. Pero kita ko kabado na rin sya.” (“It’s a relief your dad was there. I asked, will they be OK? He said, they’ll be OK. But I can see that he, too, was nervous.”

Well, I guess he’s found a good teacher for his Waiting 101 course.

Happy Father’s Day to my Papa, my husband and all the wonderful dads out there!


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