Mom, You Are My Wonder Woman

When we asked for a superhero, God didn’t give us one. Instead, He gave us mothers. Yet here we are, undeserving of a superhero. Undeserving of a mother’s sacrifice.

Being a mom is a superpower I only came to understand now that I, myself, have become one. I was a difficult child growing up, but it was a challenge my mother bravely took on. She worked and paid the bills during the day, and then she’ll be our teacher and playmate at night. She introduced us to Jesus Christ and taught us to nourish our faith by reading the Bible. I can still remember how tough she was on me (although nothing compared with my paternal grandma, with whom I spent the first five years of my life). She may be strict but I know she had nothing but my best interest in mind. Thanks to her, I ended up OK, and now I understand what it means to be the Wonder Woman of your home.

I was watching the movie and was fighting back tears. Apart from being a huge fan and I cried just seeing her whipping around the Lasso of Truth, I felt a strong affinity to her. Wonder Woman was badass, sincere, and genuinely good, and all she wants is to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. I got so emotional seeing her fight man’s war, braving the unknown, bending stereotypes and making her voice heard in a world dominated by men.

As a mother, I resonate with her.

I see in Diana Prince a mother who left the quiet, idyllic life and plunged headfirst into the world of parenthood without knowing a single thing about being a parent. Here you are subjected to a constant battle between good and evil, between your children’s best interest and the criticisms from people around you. Between gender stereotypes and incessant shaming. Between society’s standards and your own views of the world.

Motherhood is just like being thrown into this battlefield, armed with nothing but a loving heart, selflessness and pure intentions. While Wonder Woman is not exactly defenseless, she came into man’s world without the slightest idea of how to fight the god of war. All she knows is that she has to save the world no matter what. As a mother, we weren’t exactly thrown into this world with a manual. All we have are instincts and little parenting snippets we got from our own mothers. But the rest we have to figure out ourselves. All we know is that we have to keep our families alive and well.

Adversaries come not in the form of giant armored gods but ordinary people who breathe the same air as you do—random strangers who get “offended” when they see you breastfeeding, friends who think your idea of motherhood is preposterous, family members who assert their parenting beliefs. Yes, even husbands/partners/baby daddies who think you will never be good enough for them.

Sometimes I think being a mother is just as hard as saving the world. Every day, there’s a battle raging—in your home, at work, everywhere you are—and you are up there fighting and making things right. You face different challenges, which are often as difficult as the one you are fighting within yourself: the one that makes you question your capabilities. Am I up to it? Will I ever be good enough for the people I love? Is this whole motherhood thing really for me? Are they right about what they think of me?

And no matter what you do, no matter how much of yourself you are willing to sacrifice, sometimes I feel that it’s just not enough. The world will continue to take from you until there’s nothing more left to give. And the sad thing is, people don’t care. They will never care. Just as much as they don’t care about a wounded superhero.

It’s things like these that give me the drive to continue with’s mission: to be the voice of every mother who knows they are not perfect but are trying to be the best they can be for the sake of their children. Through this, I could also honor the Wonder Women of my life: my mom, my lolas, my mother-in-law, my aunt and my bestfriends. We may not be as eternal as the ageless Diana Prince, but I hope that we can live long enough to see our children finally understand and recognize our sacrifices as mothers. Nevermind the world, it will never accept you. I just pray that I will live to that day when I can finally hear my children say, “Mom, you are my Wonder Woman.” That’s just more than enough for me.

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