Raise your hand if you’ve experienced stocking diapers weeks before your baby was born!

I did! I even went as far as asking my baby shower guests to bring diapers to the party LOL

I know it sounds crazy but we moms need to be smart when it comes to spending. And when it comes to cost, baby diapers are certainly not cheap. When we were doing our pre-baby budgeting, we factored in the cost of diapers and it’s one of the few things that blew the budget.

So I hoarded the cheapest diapers I could find in stores and online shops, and I was so proud of myself for saving heaps.

But turns out, I was wrong. My daughter had been extremely uncomfortable with the cheap diapers I bought, and whatever I did, she just leaked all over. My daughter was also purely breastfed at the time (breastfed babies’ stools are runny), so you could imagine how difficult it was for all of us at home changing and cleaning up the sheets.

Not to mention all those nights when she would wake up soaking wet! And poor mommy, sleepless and leaking of breastmilk, would rush to her side to change her nappies for the hundredth time. It was a catastrophe!

Making the Change

All those weeks stocking diapers came to nothing. What a complete waste! So finally, I said, “Screw it, we’re switching brands!”

So we went to the supermarket and got Pampers. After using it for a week, I felt terrible about myself. Why the heck did I not just hoard Pampers in the first place? But you know, I was a noob ! I had to forgive myself LOL

I know, Pampers is not exactly the most inexpensive diaper brand in the market (if anything, it’s even probably the second most expensive, right?) So you know, when we moms are being such cheapskates, we often walk past the Pampers shelf in the supermarket. But the thing is, with this experience, I’ve learned that quality is worth every centavo. Your peace of mind and baby’s comfort is worth all that money.

My baby wears this overnight, and she sleeps for 10 hours or more. Zero leaks. Zero rashes. Super dry. She wakes up happy and ready to seize the day.

There’s also the genius wetness indicator at the front, which always amazes some of my friends. They’d go, “You’re baby’s fuzzy, maybe she needs a nappy change?” and I’d go, “Oh, no she’s not. If that yellow line on her diaper turns green, then that’s my signal!”

Fast-forward and my daughter is now a year and 5 months old (gosh, time flies!) And yes, she’s still a Pampers baby. But we’ve upgraded to pants, and OMG, things have been awesome for us! The pants are AH-mazing! It’s still the same non-leaky, no-rash diapers but it hugs my baby’s bottom more beautifully, easier to put on and comes in handy during potty training sessions! 

What makes it the ultimate in baby care?

Pampers’ Premium Care line was actually made in Japan with the use of breakthrough technology and quality materials that ensure softness, dryness, and comfort for babies. Awesome features include:

  • Magic Gel Channels – allows even and fast absorption that will prevent sagging and discomfort.
  • Skin Protection Lotion – wrap babies in silky softness that is gentle on the skin.
  • Absorb Away Liner – this feature is for the newborn and small-sized diapers. It is a specially-designed top sheer that quickly absorbs runny messes and helps reduce the risk of skin irritation.
  • S-Flex – this feature is for the pants variant. The S-Flex technology protects the skin from friction, moving with the baby so he can walk and crawl comfortably.
  • “Best for Newborn Skin” – Smart Parenting
  • 1 Recommended Brand for Newborn Skin by the Mother and Child Nursing Association of the Philippines (MCNAP).

Let’s see how it works!

I was given this DIY demo kit to see how Pampers Premium Care works. So I prepared this blue-tinted water to see how the Magic Gel Channels absorbs our baby’s  wiwi 🙂

Here’s a video of our DIY demo:

So as you’ve seen, the diaper sheet dried up after one minute. I went to cut it in half to see if it truly turns the liquid into gel. It does, amazingly so! Take a look at the tiny micro-gel beads.

Pampers Premium Care is available in leading supermarkets. You can also check out their online store in Lazada. Visit www.pampers.com to learn more.

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