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My name is Jamie, and this is my story.

When my daughter Jill was born, I thought, heck, she’ll be a kid only once so I need to enjoy every minute, every second of my life with her. So I quit my job and became a stay-at-home mom for a year. But you know, it’s not entirely easy to rely on only one source of income. My family expenses are ballooning and I need to do something!

Getting back to work was an option. There’s a promising marketing career waiting for me and I’ll be earning enough to help with the family expenses and save for my kid’s future. But looking at my daughter and seeing how much she needs her mommy, I quickly gave up on the idea. I realized I can’t go back to work! I can’t afford to miss a moment in my child’s life! I want to be with her everyday!

Mommy Jam

Discovering the new world of work

So I discovered the world of online home-based work! I realized that I can stay home with my daughter AND have an amazing career altogether! I found that I can do work that I actually enjoy and spend time with my family!

You may be thinking, “I don’t have the experience, the skill sets, the requirements needed to start an online job.” I say, you can absolutely do it too, mommy! I will show you exactly what you need to start your online career—yes even without experience!

About Mommy Jam

Mommy Jam used to be a mommy blog that focuses on helping new moms survive the crazy world of motherhood. Now, it’s all about helping moms like you start their online home-based work, and be happy and fulfilled while doing so!

Through Mommy Jam, I’ll be sharing what I have learned in the almost 10 years of working remotely and doing freelance work in the hope of inspiring you and helping you get on the same career path.

Here you’ll find plenty of resources to help you begin a home-based job. From how to set up a home office and productivity tips to learning the most in-demand digital marketing skills and how to find clients who will pay big money for your services. Take advantage of e-courses, webinars, blogs and ebooks to grow your knowledge and establish your freelance empire all in the comfort of your home.

Exciting, right? Can’t wait to start this journey with you!


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