In business, every minute/second of your time should be spent on important things. Many busy professionals, small business owners and solopreneurs know this for a fact—which is why they hire virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants or VAs work remotely to take care of the mundane, repetitive tasks so that business owners can focus on things that matter, such as finding more clients, dealing with financials, and basically growing their business. VAs are particularly in demand by small business owners, online entrepreneurs and solopreneurs as they typically need a lot of administrative work done but don’t have the budget for a secretary or a personal assistant.

The term Virtual Assistant was first coined in the early 1990s, which pertains to the ability to work online due to advancements in technology and access to the Internet. Almost all tasks performed in-office can be done remotely with just a laptop and an Internet connection, and so many business owners are turning to VAs to help them get stuff done.


What does a Virtual Assistant do?

VAs perform different clerical or administrative tasks from a remote location (such as at home). A VA can do whatever an admin or personal assistant can do in the office (except of course to bring coffee. But then again, a VA can have coffee delivery arranged).

But virtual support is not limited to just administrative or clerical work. There is also a huge demand for VAs who have specialized skills, such as writing, graphic design, sales or marketing. Here are some of the things a VA does:

  1. Email management
  2. Calendar management
  3. Social media management
  4. Blogging / writing
  5. Appointment setting
  6. Graphic design
  7. Marketing
  8. Project management
  9. Travel booking
  10. Website administration
  11. Web research
  12. Bookkeeping
  13. Customer service
  14. Customer support

Your job as a Virtual Assistant actually depends on what your clients want you to do. You can be asked to focus on administrative duties or assist in creating online marketing campaigns.

If you’re wondering whether you need some formal training or education in order to become a VA, the answer is NO. Just basic computer-related tasks, such as Excel or Powerpoint, email, or social media. You may be required to use different online tools for various tasks but they’re a no-brainer, really. Most tools are extremely user-friendly, you’ll easily find your way around them in no time.

I’ve started my VA career in 2015, and all I can say is, if you love helping other people and are great with prioritizing and managing tasks, and getting stuff done while maximizing time, then this could be the job for you.


Getting Started

If you’re new in this field, here’s a short Beginner’s Guide to have a good understanding of the job, what to expect, the different opportunities you can explore, and where you may be able to source work.

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